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Is your dog driving you crazy?

Are you struggling to maintain harmony between your nippy pup and your children?
Do you have a new rescue, or over-excited young dog who just can't control themselves?
Do you find yourself embarrassed about your dog's behaviour in public?

When you bring a dog into your home, you have a vision of the life you will lead together. Long, leisurely walks with your best friend trotting beautifully beside you, gazing lovingly up at you as you unclip the lead and both enjoy total freedom and all the joy a dog can bring.

You know it is possible.
Right now though, it's not your reality.
You're feeling frustrated, despondent and lost.
It doesn't have to be this way.

I'm Kate Bond IMDT, FDM, DTC-ADT and I run Good as Golden Dog Training. We offer a premium, personalised service to transform your life and relationship with your dog. We pride ourselves on our holistic long term support programmes, each one as unique as you and your dog. The right plan and the right support are both essential for transforming relationships.

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Behaviour ModificationExpert guidance for tackling common behavioural issues, allowing your dog to reach their full potential

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The Golden AcademySpecialist Golden Retriever training online, the most effective route to a well-behaved golden

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Online ConsultationsWorking remotely with you, delivering a tailored solution to any canine issues from the comfort of your own home

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Puppy ProgrammesSet your new puppy up for success with the best possible introduction to the world around them

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My journey with my own three dogs Sucre, Papi and Chinny, helped me to understand just how important it is to connect with your dogs to maintain a happy home. As rescue dogs with complex backgrounds and some medical complexities, it wasn't always easy to manage their behaviour and understand their needs.

When Sucre would bark and lunge at other dogs, people would stare. You feel embarrassed, frustrated and alone. The freedom of a normal walk in the park seems so far beyond your reach.

Does this sound familiar?

Your puppy is wild, unmanageable and is terrorising the kids. Simply walking your dog leaves you frustrated and stressed out. You can't easily welcome visitors to your home. You've tried training before, but it has fallen short of your goals. You want to connect and communicate with your dog effectively.

We can turn your dog owning dreams into reality!

Ready to live your dog-owning dream and turn your Golden into the perfect companion?

The Golden Academy

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As a fully qualified dog trainer and behaviour consultant, with a wealth of industry recognised qualifications and a devotion to lifelong learning, you can be sure you're in safe hands. With over 17 years experience in rescue work, veterinary care and training and behaviour, we have worked with thousands of dogs over the years. Our methods are always kind, ethical and science based. Our unique personalised support programmes ensure you have all of the essential ingredients for long term success. We will coach, support and mentor you every step of the way.

We only take on a small number of clients each month who are completely committed to our support programmes. This sets you up for success to receive the essential, personalised support and expertise required to achieve your ultimate goals.

'Good as Golden, the phrase that immediately comes to mind is "YOU'VE TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST"'
- Michael Porter

'Kate goes above and beyond, she is not in the line of quick fixes, but in arming owners with the tools they need to tackle the root causes of the issues, whatever they may be. Kate takes you on a positive, evidence based training journey and is with you every step of the way.'
- Emma Brooke

Our Mission

Good as Golden provides dog training in Wakefield and offers a variety of training solutions tailored to the individual needs of each dog. We build relationships, inject fun into training and shape the very best learners. We understand the science of how dogs learn and pledge to always train with kindness.
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