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Is your goofy Golden driving you crazy?

Ready to live your dog-owning dream and turn your Golden into the perfect companion?

Is your Golden a nightmare on the lead?

Does their behaviour embarrass you in public?

Do you wish you could find the on switch for their ears?

Does the Guide Dog expectation not match up to your reality?

Are you tired of all the biting and mouthing from your land-shark puppy?

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The Golden Academy

Whatever the struggle, with a Golden guru in your pocket, you're only ever one click away from the solution

Joining a supportive community of fellow Golden geeks, you'll receive expert training support from a multi award-winning dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

Members of The Golden Academy get exclusive access to specialist Golden Retriever training, focused on unlocking the full potential of their dogs.

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Countless pet parents have already turned their struggles into strengths

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Ready to unlock real life results?

As a member, you'll discover the secrets of our unique Golden Guide to transform their behaviour

Get focus from your Golden, whenever you need it

Reliably bring them running back to you, to unlock off-lead freedom

Transform the 'ears off' around other dogs problem

Show your dog how to chill and switch off, in all environments

Connect with your Golden on a deeper level, to always know what to do in any situation

Turn bouncy boisterous greetings into relaxed, polite interactions

Build Golden Bonds that last a lifetime, with methods that are always fear-free

The Golden Academy delivers 24/7 specialist Golden Retriever training on-demand

With a monthly membership, you'll gain access to our group of Golden geeks, and learn the secret ingredients to transform your Golden goofball into the perfect companion

You'll learn how to help them chill, respond to you first time, every time, come back when called and how to encourage calm interactions (and a load of extra content that you didn't even know you needed!)

Gain instant access to:

A continuously expanding library (value: £120 per course)

All our secrets for training the perfect Golden Retriever

Weekly livestream (value: £80)

Live training and Q&A session each week

Monthly masterclass (value: £100)

With all your fellow Golden geeks covering your most wanted topics

Exclusive community (value: priceless)

A place in our private community, where you can connect with our qualified Golden retriever experts and other Golden Geeks for valuable support

Golden guru in your pocket (value: priceless)

You'll get access to 'Nous', our cutting edge virtual assistant, trained with all the collective knowledge of The Golden Academy and on hand at any time to help you! Also, if you want to speak to someone during the month, you can get answers 24/7 through the private community

Training Hot Seat (value: £200)

We will randomly select a member to get the hot seat LIVE where we will deep dive into their training struggle

First-to-know all things Golden

Priority access to Golden Retriever events both online and in-person

Product discounts and exclusive introductions

The Golden Academy gets special access to deals and discounts for Golden products that you'll want to know about

Priority access to one-to-one training with a 15% discount

Our one-to-one training service is generally fully booked with a minimum three month waiting list. We do however reserve a number of slots for academy members, meaning you can jump the queue if you need it!


The Naughty Dog Hack (value: £97)

The Naughty Dog Hack is the answer to stopping your Golden stealing things they shouldn't, setting boundaries kindly and living in harmony with your Goldie

Full Challenge as a Standalone Programme (value: £25)

Inside your dedicated learning portal, you will find our Goofy To Golden Challenge as a standalone course. All of the videos and online workbook will be available for you to revisit anytime.


Continuous Personalised Feedback (value: priceless)

Post videos for specific personalised feedback at any time within the group

Training plans

Ongoing supplementary learning material for clarity and direction

New member introductory video call

Get started quickly with a direct, friction-free welcome session. Learn how to get the most out of The Golden Academy, and where to focus your efforts to get started.

New member deep dive

A group session for new members where we'll deep dive into your individual issues, to get you targetted advice quickly.

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Hear from the Golden Geeks all over the World!!

The Golden Academy is completely online.

Meaning that members from all continents have transformed their golden goofballs into the best dogs in the park together!

You Need to Change Something to Change Something

Where do you see you and your dog in 6 months time?

You deserve to have the relationship you want with your dog

It's time you felt confident giving your dog off-lead freedom

What they practice, they will become

Will that be your training, or undesirable behaviour?

Your golden deserves to feel understood and fulfilled too

You deserve to live the golden guide dog dream that you know is possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I train my dog online? Don't I need an in person trainer?

Since the pandemic, most industries have moved partially online, dog training being no exception. We already train people and their dogs all over the world, and have found online training to be more effective in minimising distractions for your dog and achieving faster results. Aside from just being convienient and effective, consider that the average in-person dog training programme (just 5 sessions!) will cost £500+, significantly more than an online programme. So there's really no need to leave the house to stand in a muddy field, or a stuffy church hall for a training session. That's why we firmly believe online training offers the best of both worlds

Does online training really work?

Online training has the advantage of you being able to tune in at a time that is convenient for you, all in the comfort of your own home. There will also be live Q&As to further support your learning and as much personalised help and feedback from the exclusive community of Golden Geeks as you need. What's more, you can submit videos of your training for feedback and validation from your Golden Guru at any time.

What makes this training different?

Our unique breed-specific approach to training supplies the missing puzzle piece to elevate your results. Only a complete view of a dog's previous learning, environment, genetics and unique characteristics will ever truly provide the full picture.

Is there a minimum term for subscription?

No. You can pay monthly and cancel at any time.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, there is a discount applied automatically, which is available for buying a year subscription up front.

What if this isn't a good fit for me and my dog?

As a supportive community of Golden Geeks, we've all been through challenges in our training. Training is a process and not an event. If you're ever feeling stuck or have a problem you can't overcome, having a Golden Guru in your pocket means you won't be stuck for long. We're so confident, that if you're unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Want to be notified when the doors of The Golden Academy open?

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