Join the FREE 5-day Stubborn Goldens Sorted training challenge

Have you got a stubborn Golden Retriever?

If you're done trying to get them to listen to you, and are ready to get your Stubborn Golden Sorted

Free Challenge Starts 25th March 2024

You have to change something to change something

This challenge is for you if:

Your golden anchors down on sight of other dogs and will not budge, lunges or barks

Your walks feel like you're being towed by a steam train

You're worried about your golden's safety off-lead due to their selective hearing

You feel embarrassed and judged by other dog walkers because of your dog's behaviour in public

Greeting visitors at the front door leaves you pulling your hair out with stress

You have a new golden puppy and want to get it right from the start

If it's time for you to make real changes and start living the dream that made you get a dog in the first place

Join the FREE 5-day Stubborn Goldens Sorted training challenge

Have you tried dog training before and it's got you nowhere?

Most people think dog training is an hour a week in a village hall, with a one-size-fits-all approach. But genetics matter, breed matters.

What if I told you that you only need a few minutes a day to transform your golden into the best dog in the park?

Training doesn't require lots of time, just the right plan and the right support.

What is an Anywhere Dog? You've seen them in the pub, you've seen them in the park

Those dogs that just hang onto their owner's every word, coming straight back when called. Frustrating isn't it? When you're trying so hard with your training

Breed-specific training is the most effective route to a well-behaved Golden Retriever


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start?

Monday the 25th March, 2024.

How do I take part?

Sign up with your email, and you'll be sent a direct link to our Facebook community where the challenge will be livestreamed. You'll also be emailed a free challenge training workbook containing times for all livestreams and a number of accompanying exercises for later.

What makes this training different?

Our unique breed-specific approach to training supplies the missing puzzle piece to elevate your results. Only a complete view of a dog's previous learning, environment, genetics and unique characteristics will ever truly provide the full picture.

What if I get stuck?

There will be a Q&A livestream every evening of the challenge, so you'll be able to get your questions answered.

What if I can't make the livestreams?

You can watch them on replay anytime throughout the challenge, and for four days after the challenge ends.

Does online training really work?

Absolutely! We work with hundreds of golden retrievers all over the world, and see fantastic results all the time. We show you how to train them, you are your dog's best trainer. Leaning online allows you a stress free environment and saves you time.

Join the FREE 5-day Stubborn Goldens Sorted training challenge