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The Art of Enrichment

The Art of Enrichment

Does your dog drive you nuts? 🙃

I know - silly question! 🙈

Do you find they're on the mooch ALL the time, whining, chewing stuff they shouldn't, restless and looking for trouble?

They could very well be feeling a bit bored!

How long does your dog take to finish their dinner? 2 minutes? 3?

Maybe they ignore their food and you're finding yourself whipping out a variety of options desperately hoping one will entice them!

Bowls are boring and a massive missed opportunity to enrich your dog's life 💫

Even a fusspot can be engaged by a Kong or a Toppl!

"Contrafreeloading is the behaviour seen in most animals that when an animal is offered a choice between free food or identical food that requires effort, the animal prefers the food that requires effort" (Glen Jensen, 1963)"

Enrichment provides outlets for natural behaviours. The simple act of foraging in and of itself can be more rewarding for your dog than simply eating the food 🤯

Interactive feeding toys activate the pleasure centers in your dog's brain, leading to a happier, more stimulated pup.

This stacks the odds in your favour for better behaviour!

Beware you're not starting your dog at expert level 10 enrichment as this defeats the point

Imagine starting a computer game and facing the big boss level day one 🤜

You'd likely get cross, frustrated and quit.

Build skills slowly, progress levels until they can beat the big boss or clean out that frozen clipped toppl 💪

When they FEEL better; they BEHAVE better 💙

Bin your bowl and start serving up some serious joy 💛

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