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The Sesame Street Hack

The Sesame Street Hack

Do you talk to your dog❓

A dog's receptive language ability can be loosely compared to that of a toddler, so really, it makes perfect sense to communicate with them in a similar fashion.

The parents amongst us will know only too well what happens when toddlers are confused and frustrated at things they neither understand, nor have any control of. 😳🤯

Consistent, clear communication can diffuse tantrums and heightened emotional states in more than one species!

As captive pets, our dogs relate to us in a parent-child model. They're dependent on us for their basic, psychological and emotional needs.

Explaining life to our dogs as it happens helps them to make sense of the massive amount of novelty we expect them to navigate on a day to day basis.

Predictability is an essential element of adaptation and survival. It enables the brain to save time and energy, lowers anxiety and increases their sense of safety and trust.

Keep your communication simple and consistent and watch the magic unfold! 🙌

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