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Disco Dog or Library Dog

Disco Dog or Library Dog

Busy doggy daycare. It's a pickle, eh?

You don't want to leave your best bud alone for 8 hours, so you send them to day care because you love them.

Day care is generally full of disco dogs that would often benefit from the tranquility of the library once in a while.

I'm very much a library dog myself.

My idea of hell is Asda on a Saturday. Too people-y.

So when I get into Asda, I get my head down and I endure it.

I leave exhausted. Like I've climbed a mountain.

I can think of little worse.

I haven't been to a nightclub in about 15 years. The idea gives me the ick.

Stimulation overload.

I'm so fortunate I can make that choice for myself.

Library dogs don't belong in busy day care environments. It's not in their best interests.

So what can you do instead?

If day care is having a net negative result for your dog, or you're having those niggling doubts...

Could that new reaction to dogs be due to their stimulation overload, from 8 hours a day in the disco?

Consider maybe a reputable dog walker for pop ins or solo meanders instead.

Library dogs aren't happy at the disco.

Library dogs need:





🧘🏻‍♀️Rest and recuperation

Sounds good to me too actually.

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